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ProgK 20th Anniversary

2001 to 2021 Happy Birthday to us

Vision Board

Five year action plan

TFH Group of Instructors 1999

Touch For Health Instructor Workshop, Stroud 1999

ESR Points

Emotional Stress Points located on the forehead

Sandy Gannon

Our beautiful Sandy passed away April 2020, she is very much missed.

Salt Lamps

Salt is very healing and useful in a treatment room or home

Miranda Welton 2020

Miranda Principal of the Progressive Kinesiology Academy UK

Miranda & Andrea

KF AGM Birmingham

Elizabeth & Miranda

KG AGM 2009

Kinesiology Students 2007

Training held at Prested Hall.

Aura Vials

Created by Miranda Welton

21st Anniversary of K Training

Class of 1994-5

Fire pit at Lauriston Farm

Flower Remedy Making Day at Lauriston Farm

Eye Zones CPD Course 2015

Eye Zones work with the 42 TFH Muscles to support the digestive system

Book Shelf

Kinesiologists read lots of books

Wheel Balance Chart

The Chinese Clock and Meridian Times

Flower Remedy Set

Bio-Dynamic Flower Set created at Lauriston Farm - we use the energy of these on the practitioners course.

Balancathon Time of Day

Lesley and Celeste carrying out a Time of Day Balance for the Balancathon on the 29th September 2018

The Tree Room

Practical treatment set up for an exam day.

Past Life Workshop

A one day course to access past life energy and assist your work with your client.

Learn Live Love Kinesiology

Undertaking a kinesiology course is about finding you, and is much more than just a course to learn a new discipline.

Tibetan Elements

We use the Tibetan Elements as part of the Oriental Body. This image was created by Jo-Anne Rayner for Miranda Welton.

ProgK 18th Birthday

We celebrate our 18th Birthday in 2019

Practitioners stages

Our main training programme is made up of seven stages.

Miranda Welton and Ally Goddard

All ready for the start of the Balancathon on the 29th September 2018

Chakra Nuggets

We use from the Foundation Course and also for the Reactive Energy Workshop

19th Anniversary

We are 19 years old

Balancathon Essex

This worldwide event took place on the 29th September 2018.

Pink Aura

An aura full of intelligence and love. On the Reactive Energy Workshop you also get a reading of the your energy field.

Miranda Welton

Miranda Welton Principal of the ProgK Academy

Practice Management

Practice Management is a Core Subject. Part of the KNOS (Kinesiology National Occupational Standards).

Progressive Kinesiology Practitioner

Practitioner Course in Progressive Kinesiology.

Students in class on a theory day
Our Earth Healing Goal

This was the goal we worked on for our Heart of the Earth Balance.

Palm Stones

We use these on the 5-E Massage Course or the energy of gemstones.

Twelve Tissue Salts

The Twelve Tissue or Cell Salts are used as part of the Eye Zones.

Chakra information

The chakras our our energetic hormone system

Learn Kinesiology

Change your world and learn to live, love and be yourself.

Progressive Kinesiology Logo

Our logo

Chakra Energy

We work on the chakra system from the Foundation Course onwards. The chakras are also worked in depth as part of the Reactive Energy workshop.

Practice Management

One of the four core subjects kinesiologist undertake.

FHT Accredited Short Course

Our Foundation Course is accredited by the FHT.

Chakra Energy

We work on the chakras and Aura on the Spirit Body Stage on the Practitioners Course.


Beautiful coloured bottles

Interpersonal Skills

One of the four Core Subjects kinesiologists undertake.

Treatment Room

Treatment room set up is undertaken as part of the kinesiology training and Practice Management. This is known as the KNOS (Kinesiology National Occupational Standards).

Iridology Wheel of the Eye

On the Eye Zones we use the Iris of the Eye and the principles of Iridology to map the 42 muscles of TFH.

Green Goodness

Herbs and supplements to help support the body.

Energy Tokens
Miranda Welton
Foundation Students

Foundation Training Students

Harmony Token
Aura Colour Vials

Spirit Body Vials as used on the practitioners course.

Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)
Love Token

Energy Tokens helps add good vibrations to your life

Andrea Ward Instructor

Foundation Course Instructor

Aura Remedies

Remedies specially made for Progressive K and unique to us.

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