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Interpersonal Skills is a Core Subject and required to be completed in order to become a professional practitioner in Kinesiology. 

IPS is 60 hours total qualification time. 


Brief aspects of course include:


  • Listening Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Confidentiality

  • Consent

  • Using open questions

  • How to achieve effective communication through observation

  • Sensitive questioning and listening

  • Body Language

  • The need for, and how to use interpersonal skills when communicating with the client

  • Empathy and blocks to listening

  • Observer Role - How to position self and client to encourage communication

  • How to respond to conflicting advice which clients may receive from different practitioners

  • How to balance the client’s rights against your responsibility to others

  • How the physical, social, emotional and economic context in which people live affects their health, effective functioning and well-being

  • How personal beliefs and preferences affect how clients live and the choices they make

  • Who may act as a companion for the client and how to interact with them

  • Self-Care

The cost: £375.00


The course is delivered to a Level 3 standard. This is part of the KNOS.

Interpersonal Skills

Based in Essex, UK

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