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Interpersonal Skills (IPS)


IPS in Kinesiology is a Core Subject and is required to be completed in order to become a professional practitioner in Kinesiology.  You may have covered parts of this in your training with regard to sensitive questioning, reading body language, non verbal communication, open ended questioning etc. This subject is covered during our main training courses.  


If you require additional training we offer the three parts required to cover the KNOS for kinesiologists. This is available at £100 per section on a one to one online basis. To enquire please Email 

  • Communication with clients and anyone occupying them

  • Questioning and listening skills

  • Barriers to communication

  • Observation of body language and signals

  • Disability & Equality

  • Confidentiality

  • Consent

  • Self-reflection

IPS is divided into three parts:


  • Communication

  • Consent

  • Confidentiality

This course is delivered to a Level 3 standard.

Interpersonal Skills
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