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Mentoring Sessions


One you have completed your Practitioner Training you can upgrade from Student to KF Associate.  During this time you are required to undertake four Mentoring Sessions,  while you undertake the 200 insured clinical hours (these are you working with members of the public and logging all hours sent working).


The mentoring is to help support you during this time while you learn to stand n your own feet and feel comfortable with clients or while you undertake the remaining core subjects. 


The four sessions must be completed before you can upgrade to a fully qualified professional kinesiologist.  Remember to always keep a record of every hour you study, work with case studies and clients and keep all certificates as proof of your training.  A log of your 200 hours is advised to be kept by you as this can be a guide as to how many hours you have to complete and how you are progressing. 

The four mentoring sessions can be made up of two face to face, zoom or phone sessions of one hour and two group sessions, which can be up to two hours each session.  The cost is £55 for a one to one session and £40 to take part in a group session (minimum of 3 people). 

To enquire about mentoring - CLICK HERE

Mentoring Sessions
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