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Mentoring Sessions


What is Mentoring?


Mentoring is a way to focus on your own growth and development.  Its not training, counselling of coaching. Mentoring is walking alongside a person who has a wealth of experience in various fields of knowledge and understanding. 'Been there, done that', so a mentor can help you from their past experiences, especially in the world of business or practice development.  This is not to take away your own growth or development, but to help you navigate through territory you really may be unsure of, feel lost of how to go about certain areas or just need some gently guidance to assist you. Mentoring sessions are developed around your own goals, which is why its so different from training, which is basically learning to do something anothers way. Its about you working around your life and family needs, with your circumstances and in your own setting, whatever that may be.  However a mentor may also challenge you, get you to to focus or reflect on habits or behaviour, if you really do need to look at some methods that are not serving you well. 


Mentoring is a very useful method of improving or enhancing your professional practice or business. If you are a member of the Kinesiology Federation then mentoring is required to upgrade and also counts, once your are fully qualified as CPD (Continued Professional Development) points. All professionals are required to undertake CPD each year and is a requirement of membership for most professional bodies.  This usually is 30 hours over two years - for the KF, this is 15 hours of kinesiology and 15 hours in any other useful modality.  You need to keep a file to hold your certificates (you will need to scan these to upload)  and a chart to record your CPD and make this available to your professional body at renewal. 

Kinesiology Federation Members: One you have completed your Practitioner Training you can upgrade from Student to KF Associate.  During this time you are required to undertake four Mentoring Sessions,  while you undertake the 200 insured clinical hours (these are you working with members of the public and logging all hours sent working).


The mentoring is to help support you during this time while you learn to stand n your own feet and feel comfortable with clients or while you undertake the remaining core subjects. 


The four sessions must be completed before you can upgrade to a fully qualified professional kinesiologist.  Remember to always keep a record of every hour you study, work with case studies and clients and keep all certificates as proof of your training.  A log of your 200 hours is advised to be kept by you as this can be a guide as to how many hours you have to complete and how you are progressing. 

The four mentoring sessions can be made up of two face to face, zoom or phone sessions of one hour and two group sessions, which can be up to two hours each session.  The cost is £65 for a one to one session and £45 to take part in a group session (minimum of 3 people). 

To enquire about mentoring - CLICK HERE

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Mentoring Sessions
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