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Past Life Workshop


Learn to work with the Past to help your clients. This workshop is about working with our past. This could be our past from this lifetime or another time. Sometimes you can have a recurring dream, condition, disease, pain, that nothing seems to get to the root cause of. When we access another part of ourselves we can find that fragments of us have been left wounded, or troubled and aspects of this are affecting us in the here and now. However this may actually stem from our past.


This two day workshop is aimed at introducing you to Past Life work using visualisation techniques and simple test vials.  Many things stop us from enjoying our current life, such as past vows or promises, or curses placed upon us or what we have placed upon another.  We may build up karma this way.  You should then be able to help your clients with more of their own issues. You may learn several useful techniques such as dealing with past vows. The course includes the use of some muscle testing.

Day One:  Learn to identify the past and use techniques to uncover the issue or to find out what needs to be done.

Day Two: Visualisation work to unlock the past and release. 


A comprehensive test kit is also available to help uncover and release unwanted attachments or issues that are affecting us now. This is only available once you have completed this course.

Staircase to our past

One two day course is £200 including manual and basic test vials per person (group rate).  One to one costs £250. Complete Kit cost £50.00 

To enquire:  Email me to find out about attending a training course

I have been working with Past Life Energy since childhood and came to understand it more fully in the 1980's and 1990's.  I have worked with many clients since then to help release issues which has links in the past, from physical health issues, energy imbalances to emotional problems. 

Suggested Reading:

Past Life Therapy by Judy Hall

Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss

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