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Eye Zones & The ICV


This two day workshop introduces the Eye Zones.  These are unique to Progressive Kinesiology and were developed by Miranda Welton using all 42 kinesiology muscle tests and working with the digestive system sphincter muscles:

  • Eye Zones and Bowel testing

  • Tissue Salts

  • Digestive System - Ileo-cecal Valve (ICV) & Houston Fold

The ICV is part of the digestive system and is an important part of a kinesiologists training.

Day One:


Background of the Eye Zones, learning to test the zones, working with the Eye Zone Charts. 

Day Two:


Working with the ICV and the digestive system to create a useful treatment that can help with many niggling health conditions for clients. 

This is a Kinesiology Muscle Testing CPD Course.

Course costs from £200.00 per person (group rate).  One to one costs from £270.  Includes charts, manual and test kit.

Contact to discuss dates:  EMAIL

The Eye has rings within the iris whcih we test as the eye zones.
Digestive System
Tissue Salts support the Eye Zones
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