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Oriental Body


Oriental observation techniques are used to give students the ability to gain information about their client’s general health and well-being.  Modern technology has a profound effect on our sleep patterns and can even affect our digestive health. We look at ways to help support this effect, while being able to cope with living in today's modern fast paced world.

Overview of subjects that can be covered on the course include:

•    Tibetan Healing
•    Five Elements and Meridian Supportive Techniques
•    Body Clock & Jet Lag
•    Ear Reflexes
•    Oriental Diagnosis Techniques
•    Introduction to Magnet work
•    Electromagnetic Stress


Course costs from £120.00 per person per day (group rate) or £170 one to one.  Cost includes manual.   Individual Test kits charged extra depending on topic. Eg: Body Clock Kit £6. 

Chinese Five Elements
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