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Progressive Kinesiology Practitioners Training


Welcome to our Practitioners Training Course - our course is recognised by the Kinesiology Federation (KF) and The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).  Once you have completed Foundation Training you can proceed onto our practitioner course.  TFH'ers can also apply.  The prospectus can be seen in full - or click on blue box. 

Training dates for 2023 will be released when available

The course stages work with techniques based on the kinesiology finger modes: -


The Electrical Body that works with our meridian system, Emotional Kinesiology Techniques, Chemical Body supports such as use of test kits, Structural Body work to support our physical body needs and Energetic Body that works with the auric field and chakra system, these are via the Finger modes. Each stage uses the appropriate finger mode to enhance the students working in that particular area, and each stage may cover one or more finger mode options.


During the course, students will be encouraged to use the techniques learnt each month to give in-depth treatments to their case studies.


Total course cost: £4,000 

Payment breakdown: non refundable deposit £150 then 

11 payments of £350 

Prerequisites: Foundation in Kinesiology, Touch for Health 1 - 4  or Proficiency Certificate.  You will be asked to produce a copy of your Foundation Kinesiology or Touch for Health Certificate before joining this course.

Students are encouraged to begin work immediately with case studies/clients and offer a holistic and supportive treatment that takes into account their chemical, structural, mental and metaphysical issues.
All students attending are required to join a professional body and to have Student Insurance (membership and insurance forms will be suggested on the course).

The forms button contain the application form, reference form and criminal convictions form. These can be posted to us, or uploaded and emailed, but please contact us if you need any help. All information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with a third party. 

Progressive Kinesiology Body Stages
Progressive Kinesiology students

If you are interested in finding  out more about future courses, or want to discuss fees, coursework, meet the instructor and discuss the course, then contact us to arrange an informal visit or chat via zoom. 


We also look for case studies from time to time.

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