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Reactive Chakra Energy Workshop 

Over energy within a chakra can be a very physical issue. Reducing the energy of the area out of balance can be a real relief for people who have lived with heartburn, digestive worries (IBS) and various aches and pains that do not seem to react to treatment for very long. They repeatedly return. This can be due to an excess build up with the energy system which is held in place by thoughts, feelings, grief, heartbreak and all the various problems we have to deal with in our lifetime. 

We have the wonderful ability to reduce stress and hurt in a loving and gentle way. Working with the reactive chakras is another way to find the 'hidden' issues that prevent us from freeing stuck areas, emotions or energy that have persisted possibly for years.  This is a muscle testing CPD course. 

Course includes work pack and colour kit - Course costs from £120.00 per person (group rate).  One to one costs from £150. 

To enquire:  Email me about attending a training session with me.


Chakra System and Reactive Energy
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