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KNOS stands for Kinesiology National Occupational Standards


These are to ensure that all kinesiologists are qualified to a high standard.


Those who belong to a professional body such as the Kinesiology Federation (KF) or the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) have proven they meet these standards.

The KNOS are standards set by Skills for Health and are known as CH-K1 and CH-K2.

From 2021 Kinesiology was added to the CNHC Register and the Kinesiology Federation is the Verifying Organisation for the UK.


For more information on this and how to join the register and to understand the route to joining the register as a kinesiologist then please follow this link HERE

If you join the Kinesiology Federation here is a link to the Code of Conduct for 2023

CNHC Register
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