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Case Studies


As our trainee professionals undertake training with the academy, part of the training requirement is to carry out case studies on people who they do not know. We encourage them to expand their knowledge by working with members of the public to gain hand on experience to support their training.  

This helps with our study and research into the benefits of kinesiology and allows us to improve and develop our training and treatments to incorporate these findings.   We really appreciate all your help and support as we are self-funding.  

From time to time we look to recruit new case study people, and as the trainee professionals are working very hard to give excellent treatments, we ask the case study to donate a reasonable voluntary fee to help towards the trainee professional training costs - see below.  However, please do still apply if funds are tight as we will try and accommodate you.

Your session includes having your case history taken, and undertaking kinesiology treatments, which are usually monthly.  We ask you to give constructive feedback to the students in order for them to grow and develop while helping you.  You can expect to have up to three sessions with your kinesiology practitioner trainee.  You are also asked to help promote them by taking their business cards and giving these to other people, so to introduce them to a wider audience of people in order to develop their business and build up their practice.

Fillimg in Case Notes
Discussing ares of discomfort

What to expect:

  • Kinesiology treatments are normally carried out on a couch

  • Case notes are taken and used to evaluate your treatment results

  • You remain fully clothed, although it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing

  • You may be offered nutritional or emotional remedy supports during the session

  • You may be encouraged to make changes to your diet or take a supplement or given other advice to follow between sessions (i.e. drink more water)

  • Your sessions are in strict confidence, the treatment notes will be kept by the trainee professional and only viewed by the Instructor and the Verifier

You gain:


  • Sessions at a fraction of the cost of a professional session (suggested donation is £20/£30/£40) depending on the length of time the trainee has been attending classes - Foundation year to Final year - which is between 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 of the current professional costs of £50 to £100

  • The opportunity to enhance your health and well-being

  • The ongoing participation in your own health programme and personal development

What we ask of you:

  • To support your trainee practitioner

  • Give out their information to other interested people

  • Give constructive feedback

  • Give a donation for their time and training costs

If you have a home visit, please include a donation towards their travel costs.

If you would like to be considered as a case study for one of our trainee professionals, please contact us at

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