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Having learnt the emotional aspects, we will be working with the energy aspects of the body.  We now work deeper into the body's energy to access from the mind into the spiritual. This includes testing the auric field levels, chakra system and using colour and energy remedies to support, heal and repair the body's vital force. We will learn Vibrational Witness techniques and Reactive Chakra influences.


We add more in-depth energy and colour work to add to their five-element knowledge. We also look at electromagnetic stresses such as modern technology and its effect on the body.  For instance, this could be insomnia from looking at computer or mobile phone screens.  


During the course, we help support the effects that electromagnetic stress and environmental issues and modern technology have on health.  We also have access to a technical device to help evaluate this.  

Over view of subjects covered:

•    Auric Field testing and healing
•    Chakra System (Hormones)
•    Reactive Energy influences
•    Colour Work
•    Vibration Witness work
•    Energy remedies and testers

Aura Vials
Chakra Testing
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