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Reiki Healing


Reiki is a wonderful hand’s on healing method that can be learnt by anyone. Once you have 'it', the energy stays with you for your lifetime. Reiki is gentle and relaxing.

Receiving the Reiki is through an Attunement, which has been described as something we always have had but we are being fine-tuned to this beautiful life energy.  


Each stage is undertaken over a period of time to suit and is divided into three separate training categories.  I teach under the name of Earth Star and have been teaching Reiki since 1996. Earth Star is the name given to the Earth Chakra and Reiki is using both Universal Energy and Earth Energy together, so this felt the right name for teaching and sharing this beautiful energy. 

Reiki One - Summary of Study

The First Degree or Reiki One is mainly for self help and using with friends and family. The training costs £200 - First Degree covers:

  • Introduction to the Reiki manual

  • Reiki history

  • Preparing for First Degree Attunement

  • Self healing techniques

  • Healing techniques*

  • Kanji Hand Positions

  • Certificate of completion

*Healing techniques may include:

  • Reiki Sandwich

  • Self healing hand positions

  • Scanning and Beaming

  • Healing on a couch

Reiki Two - Summary of Study*

Reiki Second Degree or Reiki Two is to use with other people, especially if you are already a therapist, you can then add this to your insurance. Training costs £270 - Second Degree Covers:

  • Introduction to the Second Reiki Manual and Reiki Healing Symbols

  • Second Degree Attunement

  • Using the symbols with your healing

  • Healing techniques (group healing if possible)

  • Scanning and Beaming Healing techniques including distance healing

  • Dowsing and healing the chakra system 

  • Working with the singing bowl

  • Certificate of completion

Reiki Three (Masters Attunement) – Summary of Study**

Reiki Third Degree or Reiki Three is undertaken so you can teacher Reiki to others

and share this beautiful experience. Training costs £350 - Third Degree Covers:

  • Introduction to the Masters Manual

  • Masters Attunement

  • Introduction to the Masters Symbols

  • Learning to Attune others

  • Heart Attunement

  • Practicing Attunement & healing

  • Masters Certificate 


Please note that to belong to a recognised Healing Body you may be required to hold a

*Level 3 in Human A & P and a **Teaching Certificate.  The advantages of joining a professional

body means you usually benefit from block insurance. 

Earth Star
Reiki Symbol
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