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Preparation towards the final assessment will help consolidate the course material. We build up our portfolios to ensure they are ready for presentation to the Internal Verifier. We go through a mock exam paper, and run through a practical exam treatment.  This is also a time for each student to work with any fears they have, and have their final balances together.  This is where we often have a celebration of the course, which can be a meal out or everyone brings in food to share.  Over a course people developed lifelong friendships, go on a journey of self-discovery and have a lot to celebrate for all their achievements. 

Assessment of Learning

This usually takes place a fortnight after the preparation weekend. The Assessment includes:

•    2-hour written examination
•    1 ½ hour practical examination
•    15-minute Viva with Internal Verifier

Your homework, dissertation and case histories need to be formally presented at the assessment and should be in a presentable folder, each page to be kept separately in plastic pockets for ease of reading. Please note your certificate cannot be awarded until all parts of the course are completed, including the Kinesiology Core Subjects and all fees are paid. Attendance should be a minimum of 80% of the course. NB. You may be charged an extra fee for private tuition if unable to attend class.

Learning is by means of lectures, course notes and practical workshops. Home study will be given each month consisting of questions requiring short essays and diagrams to support the course subjects you have been taught. Home study and case studies are required to be handed in on time each month unless the student has made a prior agreement with the tutor. Advice will be given to what books to read which will support your training. Students are expected to keep a record of their hours spend on case studies and homework including reading and complete for submission 40 practical treatment records by the final assessment date.

Certificates will be issued when all course fees have been paid in full and all home study completed. On completion of your training you can upgrade to KF Associate if you are a member of the Kinesiology Federation, which enable you to practice as a trainee professional Kinesiologist.  


Mentoring sessions are required in order to upgrade and for each person to keep copy of their insured hours seeing clients, until 200 hours have been reached and all four Core subjects completed.  

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