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Exams stressing you out!

Exam Stress. Presentation worry. SATS. Tests. Events. We seem to be under constant pressure to perform. Sometimes it's for things we love like hoping to win a race at sports day, perform well during a sporting event, pass our driving test, a ballet exam, a music exam or perform in a concert. Other times its GCSE's, spelling test, taking part in a play, learning words, public speaking - doing a presentation at work.

Whatever it is there are ways to help release the worry and carry on with it.

Cognis Remedy

There are a few simple things you can help your child out, yourself, your teenager or whoever needs it. A really good remedy that can help is called Cognis and can be used to help for remembering what to do, help us access the answers and so on. (As long as we have learnt it at some point!). It's in a spray for ease of use. It helps give clarity and focus when working, speaking, reading or studying. It balances the intuitive and cognitive processes and helps integrate ideas and information. You spray it under the tongue. You can follow the LINK and order via me - Miranda Welton as the named practitioner when purchasing.

Yellow marbles - carry in your pocket

Another great support is the colour yellow. Its for intelligence and stress reduction. One simple way is to carry a yellow marble around with you, in your bag or better still in your pocket - it full of the lovely colour of yellow.

Visit a children's shop and treat yourself. It may even help in those stressful business meetings!

The colour Yellow helps us use our wisdom and intellect and is full of creative and intellectual energy. You can even order marbles on ebay.

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