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Static Shock!

When you rub a balloon on your hair its stands on end, this is known as static electricity. We see it as fun. However many people get static shocks when they touch metal. So if you get a shock when you walk on man-made carpet, touch a door handle, a shopping trolley, your car - even another person, then read on.

The earth has an electro-magnetic field surrounding it, which is essential for our health and well-being. If for any reason, we are not in direct contact with this field we can suffer from a magnetic field deficiency. Symptoms include insomnia, decreased energy and various aches and pains and static shocks.

There are various reasons this may occur - we can be affected from our modern environment. So we live in a house with foundations, walk to walk on pavements, travel by train, car or bus, work in high-rise buildings, fly in a plane etc. Our shops are in malls, we park on car parks - on tarmac. We don't actually touch the earth - the mud, grass, fallen leaves - we don't ground our energy to earth. We live on it, but don't make contact as much as we need too. Then in turn we experience negative reactions to man-made or natural fields that damage our bodies. Examples include phone masts, power stations and electricity lines.

There are also other factors that affect our energy, our daily exposure to external electrical fields such as fluorescent lighting in buildings and schools, which also increase sensitivity and can increase symptoms such as these:

• Tendency to keep falling asleep • Lethargy • Lack of concentration • Increased stress levels and in-ability to react to this healthily • Increased likelihood of allergies • Unbalanced hormones • Increased likelihood of illness • Can be linked to irregular menstrual cycle and extremes of pain and cramping • Cause headaches and migraines • Skin conditions or issues

The following method will help people who:

• Spend long time on computers • Play stations etc. • Drive long distances • Get static or electric shocks • Often feel spaced out or a bit ‘absent’ • Have recently travelled by plane or tube • Use tablets or phones or other devices a lot

You may also be subject to static shocks if you are exposed to excessive use of plastics or have problems with Petro-chemicals (petroleum based products). Plastics are anything from Clingfilm, bottles, cartons including those used for microwaving, sandwich bags, plastic toys and teethers and much more. We are bombarded with plastic which is a petrochemical, and comes from the oil industry. Petroleum is also in many skincare products and everyday items like shampoo.

To support the body - what you can do about it:

Use the hairdryer body to reduce static electric

Take a hairdryer and switch on to the cool setting – then run the body of the hairdryer all over your body, back, front, head, arms, legs. Be careful with the hair on your head and the motor. Use the side of the hairdryer, but it must be turned on for this to work. Rub it onto your body, but ensure you have clothes on. It’s not nice when directly used onto skin. Do daily if you can.

The motor action in a hairdryer helps support the energy field, and this technique is known as de-gaussing. It feels strange at first but is very effective. Its really useful for people who become addicted to certain types of behaviour - especially when a person can't put down their phone or other mobile device. Think of how moody a child gets when their tablet is taken away from them! That is addictive behaviour. It can also cause overeating. Think of children who are getting bigger - there are so many links. Mineral deficiency might also be a factor.

So giving your child a multi vitamin and mineral supplement could help. Vitabiotics have a good range of children supplements. However many supplements do not include chromium, which is the mineral best known to support the prevention of diabetes. So if you can include this then even better.

Other ways you can help yourself is to look at reducing your exposure to plastics - now with this such a huge problems for our oceans, we can start making changes at home.

Demand the reduction of packaging by Supermarkets, stop using plastic bags, get materials reusable ones. Use grease proof paper for sandwiches rather than clingfilm - in other words go back to some of the old ways which did not harm our world.

Not only will you help the earth but also your own health and your families. Look for natural brands of beauty products that are not full of petrochemicals. Brands like SKN-RG, Vegan, Soil Association recognised products, that look after our skin naturally.

And last but not least - get out and walk on the earth. Walk in woodland near beautiful tress, walk by the coast and feel the sea air cleanse your body of electromagnetic smog. Get muddy, walk in your local park, walk on earth not just pavement. Go outside. Reconnect with the earth.

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