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King-sol-ogy What???

So what is this King-eso-ology stuff then, is a very common question. Well Kinesiology, pronounced Kin-easy-ology is the study and science of the motion of muscles. The word comes from the Greek word Kinesis and is most about the connection and study of the movement of the muscles of the body. Modern Kinesiology, which originates from Applied Kinesiology which was conceived in 1964 By Dr. Goodheart, followed by Touch for Health, as developed by Dr. John Thie in 1973, and arrived here in the UK in the 1980's. Kinesiology is a combination of knowledge collated by Dr. George Goodheart, which includes many learned peoples studies such as Dr. Frank Chapman's Reflexes and the Chinese Five Element System.

Today, Kinesiology is often used to determine a person's current 'place of balance'. Balance can be likened to a set of old fashioned scales, that move up and down according to what is being placed on them. This is how we are at any given time. Trying to keep balanced can be quite challenging. However, it is not hard to unbalance the scales, such as in times of stress, grief, illness, debt, fear, job worries, emotional issues, relationships and so on.


We can become out of balance just from spending time on the road or rail trying to get to work, trying to find a parking space, getting a parking ticket, or missing the dustbin lorry, running late, having a row with someone, hearing some news that unsettles us. Having a conversation with someone that leaves us feeling upset or worried, being told that the cost of living will rise, that our job has to be applied for again, our child is behind at school; basically many things we have to face in everyday life. Just paying the bills and keeping a roof over our heads is a challenge. We spend our lives trying to retain or regain our ‘balance’. Kinesiology muscle testing shows the tester, what has unbalanced us, and then how to regain the balance. What we need to do or try to do or change to restore some sort of equilibrium. It also helps us to see things in a different light, prioritise on what really matters, and let go of what is hindering us rather than advancing us. When you go to visit a kinesiologist, you receive a 'balance'. This helps bring you back to a more centred state and even up the scales. When we are more in balance, we can handle events better, feel calmer, more grounded, more in control. We can start to get our lives back. If you want to find a qualified Kinesiologist near you, then visit the Kinesiology Federation at this link Website.

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