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Progressive Kinesiology Foundation Proficiency Prospectus

Progressive Kinesiology is about learning to use practical, holistic methods to bring yourself and others into balance and promote health and wellbeing.  The Progressive Kinesiology Foundation Proficiency Course is studied in modules, from learning the essential 'hands on' at the beginning of the training, to the final module. The Foundation Course is ten days long with one Assessment day, and the course usually runs over six months. It has been developed to begin your journey of understanding the subject of kinesiology, in a standardised, practical and comprehensive way. By the end of the course you will be able to perform a kinesiology balance on other people.  

Our foundation course is based on the original Touch for Health Training.  We also incorporate the taking of case notes, case studies, home study and assessment to ensure professionalism to our very high standards. All training is delivered to a level 3 standard. 

In a nutshell you will learn:

  • Kinesiology Pre-checks

  • 14 Muscle Balance (fix and you go and One-Fix Balance)

  • Introduction to the Five Elements

  • Emotional Stress Release

  • Progressive K centring techniques

  • Simple food testing

The Wheel Balance

Module One - Over view of subjects covered:

  • Introduction to course

  • Brief history of kinesiology

  • Aims of Kinesiology

  • Triad of Health

  • Muscle Challenges:

  • Structural (spindle cells)

  • Chemical

  • Emotional



  • Brain Meridian – Zip up/Down

  • Dehydration

  • Side to side

  • Up and down

  • Back and front

Kinesiology techniques including:

  • Auricular Energy (Ears)

  • Eyes testing

  • Cross Crawl

  • Neuro-lymphatic’s

  • Neuro-vascular

  • Meridians

  • Spinal Reflexes

  • Emotional Stress Release (ESR)

Students testing each other

Module Two - Over view of subjects covered:

  • Origin & Insertion 

  • Testing 14 main muscles – Fix as you go Wheel Balance

  • Bi-lateral testing (both sides)

  • Right – logic

  • Left - creative

  • Goal Balances (Bi Lateral Brain Muscle)

  • Circuit locating

  • Gait testing

  • Foods to strengthen

  • Progressive K centring techniques 

Test Vials and Workbook

Module Three - Over view of subjects covered:

  • Five Element Theory, covering

  • Colour

  • Sound

  • Emotion

  • Yin – Feminine

  • Yang – Masculine

  • Shen – Nurturing cycle

  • Ko – Controlling cycle

  • Beaver Dam – excess energy

  • Alarm Points 

  • One-Fix Balance (priority meridian)

  • Progressive K centring techniques 

Students creating their own testers

Module Four - Overview of subjects covered:

  • Simple Food Testing 

  • Meridian Supports

  • Surrogacy

  • Remainder of TFH muscle tests 

  • Postural Awareness

  • Review: Wrist pulses & Pain Tapping

Module Five - (Proficiency Level) Overview of subjects covered:

  • Chakras (basic)

  • Protection

  • Eight Energies and Progressive K centering techniques

  • Review of all course

  • Prepare for Assessment

Preparation for final assessment - this is a one hour written paper and a practical exam. Evidence collation including case studies and home study.

  • Our classes are small and all learners are required to complete a contract of learning, including confidentiality clause and other necessary forms with us before participating.

  • Foundation trainees do not have to have any previous experience in complementary health and there are no prerequisites to attending this course, apart from a desire to learn this amazing subject.

  • All students are required to wear dark trousers and white top during class and are required to join the Kinesiology Federation as student members.

  • Please note that it is a very ‘physical’ subject and we spend most of each day physically balancing each other. This is reflected in the name of the original training called ‘Touch for Health’.  

  • This Course includes your Kinesiology work book and various training supports.

  • On successful completion of this course you can upgrade to KF Proficiency level, gain insurance and charge for sessions.


Progressive Kinesiology Foundation Course – 11 days including Assessment

Cost £1,950  -  Payment Options are available - pay a non refundable deposit of £150 and £300 per month for 6 months.

Location: Colchester, Essex.      

Instructor: Miranda Welton   


Tel: 01206 738378

The Progressive Kinesiology Foundation Course is made up of Four Modules and Assessment.  The Foundation course is specially designed to begin the journey of understanding Kinesiology in a standardised, practical and comprehensive way.

To apply - please complete a registration form to indicate your interest.  We will be in contact to arrange a face to face meeting or a zoom call on receiving this  FORM

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