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Aura Workshop


Learn to test the auric field levels and use energy remedies to support, heal and repair the body's vital force.

We have seven levels of our main Aura Body.  Each layer represents a separate part of us.


Why do we want to scratch a lost limb? Why do we experience the pain of a gall bladder or uterus when they are no longer there?  What harms the aura? What heals it?  Why can we feel energised one moment and exhausted the next?


During this one day course, we help support the energy field (the aura) from our modern life and learn how to be more stable and connected. 

You will learn:

  • The Aura Layers

  • Auric Field testing and healing

  • To use Energy Remedies and testers

  • Methods to cleanse and repair the aura

Cost £150 per person per day (Group rate).  One to one £200. 

Kinesiology based CPD. 

Kit costs - The boxed Aura Kit are £130 per set.

Aura Remedies
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