The 5-Massage Course is a KF Recognised CPD Training Course for Kinesiologists.  
This course allows your clients to receive many of the benefits of a kinesiology session, while being completely relaxed and is a combination of kinesiology techniques and a clothed massage.

This 2 day course - totalling 15 hours - is designed for Kinesiologists and Touch for Health practitioners to give an additional beneficial service to their clients.

The 5-E massage is a basic clothed massage incorporating massage techniques and stimulation to neuro-lymphatics, spinal reflexes, neuro-vascular points and utilising other energy techniques.  

Through consultation and Muscle Testing the deficient element is identified and a supportive crystal or remedy is selected for use during the treatment. Incorporating the energy techniques within the flowing massage routine leaves clients extremely relaxed and balanced. 


If you want to know more please contact Andrea Ward KFRP at
Course Held in Brentwood, Essex.


Cost: £180 (plus kit).


Course are run at various times throughout the year.  Please contact Andrea to find out the next dates.

Telephone: 078 3792 1628


Tutor Andrea Ward
Chinese Five Elements Chart
Palm Stones